"It’s a yes, or no, no mayyyybe!" Just ATE another #dance shoot w/ my feisty wives @nadibynature007 @machilary @bella_ella_ @_enid directed x those geniuses over @conceptsteam Bryan & D❤️ Wait IV it! #dancers #dancelife #choreographer #artisticdirector #visionary #staetrue #respectmystep #thelovedance #wifey #conceptdancevideo #darkhorse

2013 was awesome. Not a little awesome, but seriously awesome. I had a lot of great times — choreographing concerts, movement coaching artists, dance directing at a university, several schools, assisting with the development of a dance social network @respectmystep, an XBOX dance video game, a dance film “Thinking Of Forever, directing several dance videos and performing at more events than I even had time to blog about (my bad guys😬). And by the grace of God, I think 2014 may be looking even greater! On that note, I wish you all great success and continued awesomosity! Remain passionate, the world is yours.

As Always,

*When you find what you love in life, go dance with it.

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When You Can’t Walk, Crawl. Like An Animal. Late For Its Feeding. #audition #dancerproblems #determination #fiyahproductions #dancehall

There’s a term I truly treasure from the bottom of my overly sentimental heart,  “divine intervention” —the moment when God puts you and your destiny on paths of intersection. Such has been the course of my blossoming dance career. I’ve been catching wind of the right projects, being booked for the right gigs, and meeting the right people. Case and point: Jessica Phoenix, Creative Director of Dance Fiyah Productions. Jessica is a dancehall maven that’s been revamping the dancehall scene in NYC one milestone at a time, her latest accomplishment was NYC’s ever first Dancehall Theater! Swoon I say.

 Moreover, I recently auditioned for a Fiyah Production, a freestyle concept video, which was a moment of fate within itself. Why? At the audition while dancing up a storm, your girl broke her heel! Yes. Broken heel. At an audition. Shoot self. Smh. Although I was super salty about the wardrobe malfunction, I had to get the hell over it. Asap. When divine intervention sets you to be at the right place, in front of the right people, – you don’t let anything take your moment away from you. Not even a ratchet heel that forgot how to act in public! So I figured since I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl. And I if I couldn’t crawl, I would’ve dragged myself along the floor by my elbows. By the grace of God it didn’t have to come to that degradation and I was able to crawl through my solo. By my next freestyle round I threw on a backup pair of sneakers to salvage my performance piece and was ready for the road. Contingency planning Baby!

With great honor,  I was casted to be part of the shoot! Which will be out soon on the Fiyah youtube page, but in the meantime check out the audition vid and see what I mean!

FYI, Guerdley summons inner beast at :47 and 2:50 seconds.

TAKE AWAY: Sometimes the wrong thing can happen at the right time. And when it does (which it often will), recuperate. Fast. If you want it be bad enough, fight for it. Crawl for it. Move like an animal for it. Because at the end of the day, success isn’t just sweet — it’s also sweaty.

As Always,


When you find what you love in life, go dance with it.

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Q&A: My Sit-down with Luna Luna Magazine #editorial #feminism #art


THE LOVE DANCE: An Interview With Dancer, Choreographer & Web Series Girl Guerdley Cajus

From the editor: If you know me, you know I love love love to dance. All my poetics go out the window and I become a sweaty, grindy mess.  Actually, fuck it. That is poetry. This is why I wanted to interview Guerdley–she is one beast of a dancer, a powerhouse of a woman and a thinker. I hate the term je nais se quoi, but she has it.Duende. Having been involved in communications, web series hosting and choreography, she is someone to watch for.

You’re into everything; webcasts, journalism, dancing and choreography. There’s even a documentary. Who IS Guerdley Cajus?


Guerdley, being a complete and total babe and badass. She’s in blue.

To put a 20-something year old story in a nutshell, I’m a chick on a life mission of full expression. Ever since I was a mini-Guerd with braces and Spice Girl sneakers, like many people I’ve been entertaining the idea that everyone has a simple and specific message to share with the world. A message that is a specific and unique as our fingerprints. Our mission is to figure out what that is, and influence the world with it. If we don’t, we rob humanity of its full potential… (Yeah, arguably one of the most emo kids in elementary school history, I know! Lol!)

So back to that nutshell! I’m living, learning, and communicating in every tongue that comes natural to me: body language, public speaking, hosting and writing, until I realize my full message, whatever the hell it is. *Shrug*

You worked on WWMD. That fascinates me! What inspires you ladies to start that show.

After college, the idea kind of snowballed and we really started to get curious about what a man would do and think in a number of circumstances. Chazeen put the idea in a web show format and ever since then we’ve been hosting it, and asking guys some incredibly uncomfortable questions all for the sake of female curiosity lol! Good times a’rolling!

What’s the biggest gender misconception you’ve encountered?

Since I’ve been writing and interviewing men for WWMD I’ve learned that dudes are hella sensitive! Way more sensitive than we women give them credit for. Women naturally assume that men are the more durable gender. Which may be the case a lot of times physically, but not the case emotionally. CLICK to read the rest.


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